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Despre Hotel Regnum, Bansko, Bulgaria (Ski)

Am decis sa-mi scriu mai jos impresiile direct in limba engleza, nu din snobism, insa din speranta ca in acest fel va va fi Dvs. mai usor sa transmiteti opiniile partenerilor bulgari, printr-un simplu "cut-copy-paste": The hotel (Regnum -- is not situated right next to the gondola, but it's fairly close to for those who have a car and can afford to drive to the starting point for skiers. The hotel introduces itself as a four-star one, but services are far poorer than that. Below are my highlights from our vacation Jan. 4- Jan. 14: - we always had to chase parking lots around the hotel; even the underground garage, which costs 5 euros a night to park, didn't have them at all times; besides, the parking spaces right in front of the hotel were constantly full of snow and ice, with absolutely no one bothering to clean them. Upon our arrival I had to shovel away the snow for 30 minutes in order to be able to unpack the car; the thing that drove me mad was when I saw hotel security people taking bribes to "reserve" parking spaces, which they claimed were for... the hotel management! When I complained to the reception they said they understand the situation but that there's nothing they can do! - the rooms are decent but have problems with the cleaning, changing of sheets and equipments: after having waited in vain for four days for someone to make our room, I had to ask reception to send a cleaning team over, and there was still dust under the bed even after that. The water was leaking under the shower tube and no one ever fixed it, while water was dropping constantly on top of our heads while in front of the bathroom sink; the reception manager told us there's nothing they can do because that's a problem of the manufacturing of the water boilers (!?!?). Similarily, the little kitchen in the apartment was poorly equipped: no microwave, no electric boiling kettle, no pans or pots, not even a sponge and cleaning detergent; just some plates and cutlery. We've only received a few items after asking at the reception. - there was not even one day for us to enjoy a hot breakfast, although we were among the early risers, having breakfast at 7:30. All the fried eggs, sausages and the other stuff that was supposed to be hot or at least warm, was cold or, at most, lukewarm; in the evening, the problem was similar very often. This problem was due to the fact that they loaded the food in trays much earlier and no one of the personnel ever cared to re-heat the water below the trays. Another thing that I found disgusting was that plates were very often insufficiently washed, having traces of dirt on them. Besides, if anyone wanted a glass of water for dinner, they had to buy it for 4 leva (2 euros) a 200 ml bottle, although the water machine was nearby but "blocked" in the evening... - the hotel does not have enough facilities for ski boots and skis drying and warming so we literally had to end our skiind day earlier every day firt to make sure we find a free parking lot and secondly to find room for our boots and skis. Moreover, since the ski depot was kept locked, almost every day we had to chase/search the guy in charge in the entire hotel to come and open the place for us; he acted as if he did us a service, although the facility was included in the price...! - the swimming pool is small and heavily chlorinated; the two dry saunas are insufficient for a hotel that was almost fully booked, in the sense that people were queuing for a seat in the sauna. And last but not least, believe it or not, although one had to pay 5 leva (2.5 euros) to rent a bath robe, they didn't have one for me for 7 days!!!


Despre Bansko, Bulgaria (Ski)

Bansko is greatly located. It has probably one of the best skiing domains/areas in Eastern Europe and the slopes are well taken care of each night, so the sooner one gets on the slope in the morning, the better. In other words, the skiing slopes are about everything Bansko has of good quality when there's enough snow around. Anything else pertaining to Bansko is a matter of luck! That's why I would only recommend Bansko for people going there mainly for skiing and ready to wake up at 7 a.m. in the morning during a vacation... Some highlights: - streets and sidewalks are never cleaned, or at least they have never been cleaned during our 10-day-long stay; - we have seen three-hour-long queues in front of the gondola's main station in Bansko; all these people were waiting to get atop of the hill, can you imagine this? We have tried to buy our ski passes for six-days on the day of our arrival. We were refused and told that the computer software they have only allows them to issue passes for the next day after 4 p.m. So we had to return once again, this time without our little one, to not drag him with us. When they issued the passes, they told us they cannot issue a 6-day pass for our little one without a photo, so they basically forced us buy a 3-day one for him although we explained he was only 3 years old and they could take a photo of us instead. And, by the way, they charged us 2/3 of the price of an adult ski pass although our little one is only 3 years old! Not to mention the fact that they were completely out of maps of the skiing area! - Bansko clearly has doubled its size compared with 5 years ago when we last visited, but the infrastructure remained almost unchanged. The town badly needs a second and even third gondola at the departure point, because the existing one can no longer carry enough skiers at a time and is thus destroying people's vacations by forcing them to spend hours queuing. We avoided such queues by waking up at 6:45 every morning ad driving to the top every day; even so, we made it because we had a powerful 4x4 car, because they did a very lousy job cleaning the snow on that road and on one occasion coming from uphill half buried us and another 4-5 cars and didn't even carried to look behind... this was serious stuff!!! When we got on the hill top after a 3-hour-long adventure due to queuing, heavy snow on the road and the "adventures " with the plows, the electricity stopped for two hours, so none of the cables worked... When people started asking for their money back because they lost more than half a day skiing, they were told that on the ski pass it's written that under no circumstance it's possible to refund!!! I've seen a Romanian female tourist taken to the police station and handcuffed because she refused to leave the ski passes payment area without a refund... And she was so rightly asking to be paid back!!! - Cars stealing is still on in Bansko, so if you have a fancy car you better take a permanent guard with you; a friend of ours who has a BMW X6 got his broken as they attempted to steal it, but they failed because this car has an advanced engine blocking system. However, all of this happened in the "guarded" hotel parking (at St. George Hotel), in full light, and was even caught on CCTV... - In terms of restaurants: food is still good, plenty and relatively affordable in Bulgaria. However, do take extra care what wine you order: a friend of mine ended up paying 100 euros for a bottle of Merlot from 2007... So Bulgarians clearly got "spoiled" on this front because they realized people are used to think their good wines are relatively cheap...


Despre Agenţia Travel Planner

O agentie excelenta, o experienta surprinzator de placuta. As recomanda o relatie mai serioasa si mai responsabila cu agentiile omoloage pe relatia Bulgaria (eu numai pe Bansko am folosit serviciile Travel Planner) in sensul ca ceea ce se ofera sa si fie adevarat. Mie mi s-au propus initial 3 variante si in final a fost doar o a patra, in alta parte decat mi s-a propus initial si de fiecare mi s-a invocat motivul a parterenerii bulgari nu fac "update-ul" capacitatilor de cazare la timp... Cred aceasta motivatie, tocmai de aceea sugerez un pic de munca si persistenta in plus pe directia asta.

Hotelul este de un 4 stele real,este foarte linistit la 15 min de partie (pe jos) Toate camerele foarte calduroase (desi am avut camera pe colt)au plita electrica, fierbator de apa, tacamuri, farfurii, dar nu ai vase de incalzit mancarea. Spa-ul este excelent dar aglomerat pe seara, se poate merge la piscina semiol...

Bansko pt. ski merita, domeniul skiabil este o alternativa buna pt. RO daca nu ai timp si bani de Austria. Cat priveste statiunea in sine, este un soi se Costinesti, unde fiecare a construit ce a vreut si unde a vrut. Infrastructura ZERO cu borduri parca de la Videanu, care dupa prima iarna se fac nisip, strazi cu g...


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